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A guide to computer engineering

Computer engineering is the name that is given to the process of designing and producing new pieces of computer technology. This is especially important for those in Pennsylvania signing up to online casinos, as you will want to choose a platform with the most user-friendly software, and see how each PA online casino compares to one another.
The term is usually split into two subsections known as hardware engineering, which describes the process of creating physical pieces of computer technology and software engineering which involves creating the programs and applications that run on that technology.

A brief history of computer engineering

Before the dawn of the transistor age, computers worked using valves and the skills required to be a computer engineer were very similar to those required to be a more general mechanical engineer. Things started to change in the 1970s when transistors and other new pieces of computer technology allowed computers to become ever smaller and it was possible for them to fit into homes and offices for the very first time. This means that computer software engineers were now much more important as customers demanded ever more elaborate software to run on their machines.

The role of computer engineers has now extended even further. They don't just work on desktop and laptop computers but on all sorts of devices such as smartphones, smart TVs and even cash registers and cash machines. Huge amounts of devices are based on computer technology nowadays and all of them require computer engineers to make them work. The role of computer engineers will only continue to grow in importance over the years to come as technology starts to play an even bigger role in our society.

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